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In her private studio, Elizabeth believes in the synthesis of informed vocal pedagogy with personal transformation. Singers should understand how the instrument functions, become comfortable with assessing and organizing their own voice, and connect to their individual gifts of artistry and emotion. Developing this healthy relationship with one’s voice takes time, practice, love, and appropriate repertoire; it is a worthwhile and important journey. Elizabeth works with students of all ages and meets them wherever they are on that journey.  She has found success with this philosophy at Harvard University, Regis College, Randolph-Macon College, Fredericksburg Academy, and in her private studio. Her students have earned entrance into top voice programs and Honors choirs across the country.


Elizabeth is currently the Director of the Holden Voice Program at Harvard University, where she collaborates with Director of Choral Activities Andrew Clark in creating individual learning and performance opportunities that supplement and bolster the massed work of the Harvard Choruses. She also teaches private voice and the Skills for Singing class, a co-curricular offering through the Office for the Arts which combines vocal pedagogy with musicianship skills in a masterclass format.

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